Helping charter schools for over 20 years.

Kevin Davis is the impetus behind Indiana Charters.

He has been helping charter schools and school boards for over two decades.

Formerly a middle school principal, Kevin left traditional public education in 2002 to co-found one of Indiana’s initial 11 charter schools, Options Charter School – Carmel. Kevin led Options through expansion and replication, opening Options – Noblesville in 2006.

Kevin served as the President of the Options Charter Schools and eventually served as Vice President and COO of the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association.

With a full understanding of the needs of charter operators in Indiana, Kevin began Indiana Charters in 2014.

We’re always here to help!

You can contact Kevin directly at either his personal line or his Google voice line.

Unique Access to Expertise

Kevin takes great pride in having direct access to experts who have specialized knowledge of the areas in which charter schools need. He knows the type of professionals that will best serve charter schools and school leaders.

Kevin himself has expertise in:

  • Charter school development and management
  • Charter school financing
  • Alternative school instruction
  • Educational technology
  • School/community connections
  • Charter school board development
  • Performance Management

Diversity lets us find the best ways to help make your ideas successful.

Our employees, consultants, and subcontractors come from an impressive range of backgrounds and experience.

Let’s get started today and help your school thrive!

Please contact Indiana Charters now and let us know where your greatest challenges or opportunities lie.