Working with Indiana Charters

We present and execute workable solutions to everyday problems.

Indiana Charters provides consulting services to help charter schools, school boards, and school leaders build and sustain successful schools.

For organization and practical purposes, we divide our services among six service areas:

Administrative Consultation & Project Management

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Data Management & Reporting

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Special Education Director Services

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Grant Management

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Financial and Accounting Services

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Technology Support Services

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Our approach is a collaborative one

We work side by side with school boards and leaders to assess existing policies and procedures. We listen to your needs and deliver deep expertise that other consultants can’t provide.

Indiana Charters works in concert with both existing charter schools and new school projects.

Our services aim to:

Help start a charter school in Indiana

Improve the quality of an educational system

Fuel the efficiency of an educational system’s internal operations

We provide consulting for charter schools in every stage of operation. Indiana Charters can provide its services a-la-carte or across all service areas.

Working towards an all-encompassing goal

Our ultimate goal is to help your charter school be the best that it possibly can be for your students, faculty, staff, community, and alumni.

Let’s get started today and help your school thrive!

Please contact Indiana Charters now and let us know where your greatest challenges or opportunities lie.