Service Area

Grant Management

Grants are a rewarding avenue for charter schools and school boards to travel down to capture funding to meet critical goals and needs. Our team provides a host of different benefits in the area of grant management.

For example, we can:

  • Create Title I, Title II, and Title IV application narrative and grant budget
  • Provide strategic ideas to maximize grant funding
  • Submit grant amendments as needed
  • Serve as liaison between school and IDOE
  • Create and submit final grant expenditure reports
  • Produce MOUs as needed
  • Provide grant spending estimates and carryover estimates,
  • Provide time and effort information and support
  • Provide audit support

Sustainable change requires in-depth knowledge and support. We provide both.

Let us deliver the grant management services that your school deserves!

Let’s get started today and help your school thrive!

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